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Akhet, or Epsilon Eridani I, is a world dominated by massive oceans with small island chains. The little terraforming done to this world have changed its oceans into the perfect environment for aquatic life. Its population is estimated to be around 159 million. Sector Beta, to which Akhet belongs, is controlled by Zeng-hu Pharmaceuticals.


For the relatively small upper class, life on Akhet is a tropical paradise, with awe-inspiring views from the striking skyscrapers they call home on a few select islands with a gentle climate, far away from the polluted marine wastelands. Vacationing on Akhet is seen as one of the most luxurious destinations in the Federation and in the Orion Spur at large.

Underneath the idyllic surface of Akhet lie the huge underwater domes, which house the majority of the population. Like elsewhere, the farther down the social rung a citizen is, the further down from the top of the dome they live, with some domes being even taller than the sea surface or, conversely, extending below the ocean floor. The design of these domes is strikingly similar to Martian arcologies.

Like on Oran, the lowest of the low live in tunnels spreading out from these cities, which are known for high rates of crime, theft, and black market implants. Unlike anywhere else on Eridani, some of them are allowed to find official work as miners and receive a low, but stable wage - but are still no longer recognized as citizens.

Notable Locations

Akhet Administration Academy

A private institution that prides itself on producing some of the best equipped and knowledgeable administrators in the Federation. Graduates from here are snatched up by megacorporations across human space for their excellent bureaucratic credentials. They often find work as Heads of Personnel or Corporate Liaisons.

The Crystal Dome

An underground colosseum used for various sports frequented by inhabitants from every social rung, this arena is lit by a gigantic naturally-occuring crystal in the ceiling. Besides sports, it also hosts holographic and live shows - and is very known for occasionally even hosting the performances of Skrellian idols.